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Henna tattoos getting a bad name?

BioBuzz owner Stephen Bradford BioBuzz owner Stephen Bradford
henna paste henna paste

August 20, 2003

Albany-- The Florida Department of Health recently issued a warning for people who want to get a henna tattoo, saying that some forms of the process may be hazardous. They say that henna can cause itching, rashes, swelling and scarring of the skin.

Henna tattoos are temporary. They come from an extract of a plant found in India. Albany business owner,  Stephen Bradford, who applies henna tattoos at the BioBuzz, says henna is completely safe.

He says some people are not using the proper mixture, and that is giving henna a bad name. "There is a black henna dye that is coined a henna tattoo that really isn't henna. It's either colorization dyes used in the henna paste or not even a henna paste at all," says Bradford.  

All natural henna is green and powdery. Henna tattoos should have a green tint and never be completly black.

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