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Extended bar hours in Americus?

August 20, 2003

Americus-- Bars in Americus may be able to serve liquor longer.

Mayor Pro Tem Raymond Green says, "It's an economic development move."

But some wonder if the extra hour will generate extra revenues. Americus council members are considering a proposal to extend the sale of alcohol in bars, restaurants and private clubs by one hour.

That means the handful of establishments that serve late at night could stay open until 2:55 a.m. Keeping the bars open a little longer is a compromise for council members that initially asked for Sunday liquor sales.

Dingus MaGee's is a hot spot in downtown Americus--a favorite for college students. Owner Michelle Bass thinks keeping her restaurant and bar open an extra hour would be profitable, "Thursday, Friday and Saturday it would definitely be worth it I'm sure, especially Thursday, that's our biggest bar night."

But one thing would be even better, "I definitely think that Sunday will benefit all the businesses more so than the extra hour."

The Mayor Pro Tem agrees, "I think it would be a smart move if we can get it passed here in the city of Americus, but I don't know if we can do it or not."

Mayor Pro Tem Raymond Green first proposed Sunday alcohol sales, "Time is change, the only way motels, hotels, and others are going to move to Americus is if we have time to sell alcohol."

But other council members do not like the idea, "Between me and the constituents I represent, six days a week is enough."

Councilman Walton Grant is satisfied with the compromise--an extra hour six days a week, "I don't know how much revenue will be generated by just that one hour, other than we keep people out later. I don't know if it would have that much impact in the community."

At Dingus MaGee's, the extra hour will mean extra money, but not nearly as much as Sunday liquor sales. The City Council will discuss the proposal at Thursday night's meeting. A vote is scheduled for September 18th.

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