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More Police to patrol Albany stadium and Wynnsong Cinema

August 20, 2003

Albany -- More Police Officers will be on duty at Hugh Mills Stadium and Wynnsong Cinemas in Albany.

The increased security follows a violent weekend that started with students fighting at Hugh Mills Friday night and carried over to the theater Saturday night. Six people were arrested after the brawl at the theater.

Dougherty District Attorney Ken Hodges said "We want it clear that the stadium where the high school football games are being played and the Wynnsong Theatre are for families. We are going to make them safe.And if there are any kids involved in engaging in fights out there, we will prosecute them."

Dougherty County Commission Chairman Jeff Sinyard said "Do not ever think you can't be safe going out there. Try Friday and Saturday night, I think you will see a significant difference. We're not going to let a few thugs control our community."

Metal detectors will be used at the stadium and security cameras at the theater.

Police warn  that you shouldn't leave children unattended at the movies or the football games.

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