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Running for office comes with a fee -- 75 cents

August 20, 2003

(Parrott-AP) -- The privilege of running for city council in the southwest Georgia town of Parrott can be had for pocket change -- 75 cents.

Those who are successful join a "political machine" that pushes lawnmowers and picks up litter. The town of 156 does not have a maintenance crew. Volunteers -- often the city council, mayor and friends -- clean up garbage, clean sidewalks and trim lawns.

Obviously, the job is not for every one. Mayor Ed Wade says he doesn't really foresee much challenge in keeping his job this time. In his words, "Everyone seems pretty pleased."

Qualifying fees are governed by state law. Candidates running for city or county commission seats pay three percent of the annual salary they would earn if elected. In Parrot, that comes to $25.00 for city council members.

Anyone who attempts to unseat Wade would face a $2.25 qualifying fee because the mayor's job pays a whopping $75.00.

If money is a problem, there's a way to qualify without paying a fee. Candidates who are too poor can file a "pauper affidavit."

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