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1994 Flood victims talk about predictions

August 19, 2003

Lee County - The wet summer of 2003 may remind you of another rainy summer. Nine years ago last month, southwest Georgia was flooded. Now, forecasters are predicting a rough hurricane season could bring river levels up again. People who remember swimming to their homes in 1994 are paying close attention to the rainfall.

Video from 1994 in Lee County shows Raintree Condominiums peaking out of flood waters. Flood victim, Billy Kidd, points and says, "It was right up to the light switches, four and a half feet."

Nine years later, Billy Kidd and his wife Linda have mostly recovered, but will never forget. He adds, "Once that creek starts getting high, we don't bother to talk about it."

Kinchafoonee Creek levels look normal right now, but in 1994 the creek almost reached the top of the bridge. People who live near here are concerned and watching levels closely. Kidd says, "I would imagine if we had a formation eight inches and stayed here for a while we'd see a lot of similarities same thing that happened in 94. I'm sure that goes through a lot of peoples mind."

Their home was gutted out during the clean up process. He says, "If you laid awake and worried about all these things you'd never go on and enjoy life."

They'll just take it as a learning experience. The couple has lived in their home for more than 20 years. Rain or no rain, they don't have any plans of packing up and leaving.

Thirty-one people died in the 1994 flood, most of them in Americus where they were swept away by flash floods. Twenty-four inches of rain fell there in just 24 hours.

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