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Residents oppose property tax increase

Finance Director Robert Lloyd Finance Director Robert Lloyd
Pace Burt Pace Burt

August 19, 2003

Albany- Unhappy homeowners speak their minds at a school board public hearing.

"My objection is to no increase, and that's my stance at this particular time," says Johnnie Arnold.

Concerned citizens voiced opposition to a proposed property tax increase. Still financial directors say it must be done.

"We've suffered over the past two year from major cut backs in state funding, and state funding counts for about 65% of our income," explains Finance Director Robert Lloyd.

Lloyd says last year's roll back only made things worse and cost the board almost $300,000.00. Some say they understand the need for an increase, but believe the board should do a better job planning for the future.

"We just want the board to look at all the options, they've got time, but we believe that if actions aren't taken now that in just a matter of years we'll be looking at another tax increase," says Pace Burt.

Board members believe tax payers would be a little more sensitive to an increase if they understood the in's and out of state funding.

"It is a misconception that when we went to a free meal program that it came out of property tax it didn't it came out of federal funds," adds Lloyd.

"The best that any man can hope for that what he perceives is right is right and that's what we're struggling to do," claims Board Chairman, Dr. C.W. Grant.

For the board that most likely means passing a tax increase.

You can give your opinion at another public hearing at the school administration building at 6:30 PM.

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