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Onyx back on track

August 19, 2003

Albany - After hundreds of complaints from customers and Albany city leaders, Onyx Waste Services is cleaning up its act. The city has a $1,000,000 contract with Onyx to pick-up both household and yard waste west of North Slappey. The company fell weeks behind, and were in breach of contract. But Tuesday, Onyx told city commissioners they were back on schedule and have started a new pick-up system to stay on track.

"We were going from neighborhood to neighborhood picking up piles of yard trimmings, but now we have a specific route to follow which will help keep us on track," said Greg Walk, Onyx Area Manager.

The company also got new automated trucks that will speed up yard trimming collection. Onyx says customers can help stop delays by making sure household waste isn't combined with yard trimmings.

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