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Double stabbing in Mitchell County

August 18, 2003

Mitchell County - A weekend stabbing at a southwest Georgia club wasn't the first time a visitor has died or been seriously injured.

The latest, 22-year-old Lemuel Lewis Richardson is accused of stabbing to death 22-year-old Eusabio Brown. They were across the street from James' Playhouse on Mitchell Street in Pelham.

Richardson's sister, Pamela, gave her brother the knife which was hidden under her dress. Brown was stabbed two times in the chest with a five inch blade. Pamela admitted she took the weapon and hid it under an abandoned car, she was also charged with murder.

Richardson was arrested last year for aggravated assault, but pleaded to a lesser offense of pointing a pistol at another person.

Pelham police have more than 50 incident reports collected about the club since 2001. Pelham Police Investigator, Lt. Rod Williams, says, "They range from public indecency, underage drinking to aggravated assault with the most recent murder."

The last murder at the club was in 1996. A girl was seriously cut with a box cutter in 2000. One man was shot in the head and survived in 2001. Two men were stabbed and survived last year. During that stabbing, the club owner, James Davenport, was also charged with shooting a gun in the air to break up the fight.

Also in Mitchell County, a Baconton woman is recovering from a stab wound after a fight at a convenience store on Sunday.

Investigators say 28-year-old Melondy Knight got a knife out of her car and stabbed 23-year-old Lamika Huntley in the back. Knight's and Huntley's children saw the attack.

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