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Saxby: Saddam capture imminent

August 18, 2003

Albany-- One Georgia Senator says it's "just a matter of days" before Iraq's former dictator is captured.  Senator Saxby Chambliss says the hunt for Saddam Hussein and his regime's weapons of mass destruction is difficult.

Chambliss says Hussein had those kind of weapons and the ability to use them, but he also had the ability to destroy or remove those weapons from Iraq.

While the search continues, the rebuilding of Iraq is also on-going. "But the fact of the matter is that we are providing services to the people of Iraq to a greater extent prior to the conflict being intiated, we are providing better healthcare prior to the conflict being initiated. Now once we find Saddam-- and we will find him, it's just a matter of days-- once we find him and the people understand he has been removed, I think we will see a quelling of the violence over there."

Chambliss describes the situation in Iraq as fractious and dangerous. The senator says the troops will continue to be in harm's way, but says that's part of winning the war terrorism.

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