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Love the chirping of frogs? Get it on CD

August 18, 2003

 (Albany-AP) --The retching sound of the Eastern Spadefoot Toad and the monotonous jug o'rum call of the bullfrog are featured on a new C-D devoted to the romantic bellowing of frogs. The olive-to-black spadefoot, with a sickle-shaped spade on each hind foot for burrowing, is fussy about romance. Conditions have to be just right.

While frogs aren't likely to replace Eminem, Missy Elliott, and Method Man on the popular music charts, they have a strong following among nature lovers.

The C-D, titled "Calls of the Wild, Vocalizations of Georgia's Frogs," features the mating calls of Georgia's 31 frog species -- and one from nearby states that may also croon in Georgia, although no one has seen it.

A green-and-black 15-page booklet that accompanies the C-D contains information about each species, maps showing their locations and a description of the physical characteristics of each frog. Money generated from the sale of the $12.95 C-D goes to the state's wildlife conservation fund, which pays for conservation, recreation and education projects.

Nature lovers have pumped $13 million into the fund so far through a state income tax checkoff and the sale of wildlife license plates.

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