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Theater fight may have been gang initiation

August 17, 2003

Albany - On Saturday night movie goers got more than they bargained for when multiple fights erupted at Wynnsong Cinemas.

Witnesses say a fight started outside the theater and then another fight began inside. Large crowds gathered around the fights, causing even more chaos. Then, witnesses say someone pulled a gun, but no shots were fired.

The assistant manager of the theater believes someone knocked over a trash can and the loud noise caused people to believe someone had fired a gun.

Albany Police say the fights may have been started as part of a gang initiation. They arrested and charged three adults and two juveniles with disorderly conduct.

Hundreds of movie goers stood outside for more than an hour before police allowed cars to leave the parking lot. People who were inside the theater were allowed to stay and finish their movies. But, the theater didn't run any more movies for the rest of the night. Customers with tickets were given vouchers for another day.

A manager at the theater did not want to talk on camera, but did say the theater is working to improve safety.

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