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Bikers head to Panama City to fight Muscular Dystrophy

August 16, 2003

Albany - Wearing a pink top, Rita Jones doesn't look like your typical Harley rider. But on Saturday she geared up to do her part in the battle against Muscular Dystrophy.

"Well, I think it's a wonderful group and they do a lot of good," says Jones. "We met one of the children we're sponsoring, Iris, she was just so precious. There's a lot of kids out there that need help and support and I think that if we can do some small thing for them, I think that's great."

Charlie Hough owns Flint River Motorcycle's and organized the ride.  Hough says, "Bikers are really philanthropic. They love to do things and ride and have fun. And that's what motorcycling is all about. So we do that and we also collect money for charity."

This year Harley Davidson is trying to collect $5,000,000 for the MDA. Hough says the Albany riders have already raised over $9,000 and they hope to raise even more.

"It's just wonderful," says Hough. "It does good for the kids, and it lets us ride and have fun." And as they ride into the future, maybe these bikers can help find a cure for an incurable disease.

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