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Gang members retaliate against resident

August 15, 2003

ALBANY - Richard Dyson lives on East Residence Avenue and he says drugs and gangs have taken over. Just yesterday, he called police to report drug users.  A few hours later, his car tires were slashed.

Dyson loves to garden but a stroke keeps him from stooping over. But, he says that's the least of his worries. 

"I can sit on my porch sometimes and see some little kids, some young people walk past my house with drugs, using drugs, walking down the street smoking, drinking, whatever," he said.

Children are everywhere and they must share the dangerous streets with gang members.

"The crime rate over here is real bad," he said.  "You even have your drug dealers. They beat up on them... what do you call 'em... crack heads, 'cause they don't have no money."

Just Thursday, Dyson saw teenage boys smoking pot just outside his house. They wouldn't leave when he told them to, so he called police, which angered the drug users.

"He (a teen who was arrested for disorderly conduct) threatened to to hurt me, to do bodily harm to me -- in the presence of an officer," Dyson said.

He thinks it may have been the same teen or others in the group who sought revenge.

"They cut the tire on my truck and they also cut the tire on my car," Dyson said.

More police presence is needed, he thinks.

"The last time I saw a patrol car was when I called 'em," Dyson said. That was yesterday."

And, it's likely he'll be calling them again. Richard Dyson said Friday night that after our newsteam left,  he was threatened for granting this interview.

"They told me that whatever I brought on, I brought on myself," he said. "And whatever they brought on to me, I'd have to deal with." He was advised to call police.

Richard Dyson has lived in his home 30 years and says he has no plans to move.

Attempts were made to contact the Albany Police Department for comment on this story but to no avail.

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