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Hurried lifestyles tempts car thieves

August 15, 2003

Albany--  How many times have you made a quick stop somewhere and left you're car running?

That makes car thieves' job a whole lot easier. And police say car thefts are on the increase.

You have a quick errand to run. You pull up and are going to run inside for just a second. And in that second someone has stolen your car. Lt. Kenn Singleton said "Yes we have had quite a few incidents where the vehicles are left running. The person is just in the area, they see the vehicle and just take off in it. And most of the time, we will find the car in another location."

Albany Police say they are seeing drivers leaving their cars running at schools, in front of stores, dropping their kids at daycare. They say the extra time it takes to park and lock you car is worth it. "The opportunity presents itself, and that person takes off with the vehicle."

Lt. Singleton says the smart thing to do is lock the vehicle. "It only takes a few seconds."

Another big problem is snatching valuables from unlocked cars. Purses left on your car seat are very tempting for thieves. 

"A person walking by just happens to look inside and see a purse or item on the seat. They just grab it and run."

 Police advise you to know your car tag number and V.I.N. number for your car if it is stolen. But there is a quick way to keep thieves from targetting you. "Whether you are going to be gone a few seconds or a couple of hours, make sure you lock it up,"  Lt. Singleton said.

Police say it's always best to keep valuables like purses or computers locked in the trunk if you leave them in your car.

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