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Superintendent says school report misleading

Superintendent Kathy Cox Superintendent Kathy Cox

August 15, 2003

(Atlanta-AP) -- State School Superintendent Kathy Cox says a new assessment that shows 42% of Georgia's public schools did not show "Adequate Yearly Progress" does not mean the schools are failing schools.

In fact, Cox says some of the schools have been Georgia's most successful in terms of average test scores. The new assessment shows how public schools have fared on achievement tests. Officials also say that status does not mean those schools will have to offer transfers to students.

The federal No Child Left Behind Act signed by President Bush in January 2002 requires schools to meet certain testing goals each year. If a school fails to meet goals for two or more years, it is subject to penalties ranging from forcing the school to provide free transfers to students who want out to having the state take over the school and reassign teachers and administrators.

Last week, the state released a list assessing test progress of schools labeled Title One. Those are schools considered high-poverty because of the number of students who qualify for free or reduced lunch.

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