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Miller cuts jobs in Albany

August 14, 2003

Albany - We told you Monday that Miller Brewing Company is cutting jobs at its headquarters in Milwaukee. Included in those cuts are two jobs at the Albany plant. Public relations director Paul DeLoach and his assistant, Lakisha Bryant, have been let go as the company tries to streamline. Does that mean Miller's corporate contributions to the community will be cut too?

Theater Albany is used to change, they switch out sets all the time. Artistic Managing Director Mark Costello says, "As far as funding from Miller I don't think we can gauge this at this time." Costello adds, "Certainly with Paul [DeLoach] going it is a void of one of our great supporters."

Theater Albany schedules face to face meetings with Miller Brewing Company Community Relations Department. Now that those positions are being cut they will have to talk to people miles away to get funding. Costello says, "Now you will get somebody who does not know your town, does not know your community or arts groups."

Miller has been known to sponsor Theater Albany productions, buy season tickets and buy advertisements. Costello says, "Miller is still here and hopefully they will state our case." He hates to see his hometown Miller connection DeLoach and Bryant go, but the play must go on. If things change they will have to come up with other creative ways to get money.

Public Relations for the Albany plant will now be handled by the Milwaukee office. And that's where requests for donations from Miller will have to be made.

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