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Pulp wood worker killed on the job

August 14, 2003

Worth County-- Jessie James Curry, Senior was working in woods on Moultrie Road Thursday morning when a tree he was cutting fell on him, killing him instantly.

Jessie Curry and three other men were cutting down trees on the Indian Cave Tree Farm in Worth County. The 69-year-old Curry was a well known pulp wooder, with a lifetime of experience. But a tree he was cutting fell apart.

Sheriff Freddie Tompkins said "Fellow had sawed down an old hard wood tree, and it fell. Where it fell there was an old big dead hardwood tree, and apparently he was wasn't looking and the tree fell on top of him. He never knew what hit him."

Curry's 45-year-old son was one of the men working with him. They put Curry in a truck and drove him through the woods to Moultrie Road, but it was too late.

James Bailey said "He was a good friend of mine. My cousin in law. I'm gonna miss him." A tragic accident in a dangerous business.

Sheriff Tompkins said "We have a logging accident like this every 6, 7, or 8 years." James Bailey said the group started work around 8:00AM. The accident happened about an hour and a half later.

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