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Day care center will not be charged with abuse

August 14, 2003

Tift County - Criminal charges will not be filed against a Tifton day care center accused of abusing a child. First Steps day care center was investigated after Latonya Young reported that her son was abused. She even had a videotape she said proved it. But Investigators disagreed.

According to Tift County Sheriff Gary Vowell, that's not what the tape shows at all. Sheriff Vowell says, "We've reviewed this tape over and over and over, and we felt like it was necessary since the mother turned the video over to the news media before we had a chance to review it and even start our investigation, that at the conclusion of our investigation, we needed to show what was really depicted on the tape."

Ms. Young says she received the tape anonymously, and then viewed it on her VCR which played it in high speed, making it look like the child was kicked. But when police played the video in real time, it is clear that the child may have been slid on the floor, but not dropped or kicked by a day care worker.

Director of the center, Salathea Hammock, says she's just glad this situation is behind them.

And since investigators say they have no evidence of abuse at the center, hopefully all children and parents will be happy with the care they receive.

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