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Racing fans revving up over new peanut flour cake

August 13, 2003

ALBANY - Racing fans can now have their cake and eat it, too.  Researchers unveiled a cake, shaped like top NASCAR drivers' cars. 

The edible decals, though, are not the only neat thing about this aerodynamic cake.  The ingredients include a blend of 28 percent fat peanut flour that is manafactured in Alpharetta, Georgia by Golden Peanut Company.

The peanut flour adds peanut flavor, aroma and protein.

"Peanuts are a very popular food in many different forms and this is just a very unique way of using the peanut," said Alvin Jones who works with Circle One Global, Inc. 

The cake was introduced in Albany during the American Peanut Shellers Associtation's annual Pre-Harvest Conference.

Researchers are hoping a partnership with Race Cakes, Inc. along with the unique flavor and moist texture of the cake will have people starting their ovens, ultimately helping peanut farmers.

They are promoting Afla-guard, a new patented biopesticide developed by the USDA Agricultural Research Service's National Peanut Research Laboratory in Dawson, Georgia.

The non-toxigenic competitive fungus lowers aflatoxin levels in peanuts, making them safer and more profitable to growers as well as other segments of the peanut industry.

For more information, visit Race Cakes or Circle One Global, Inc.

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