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New businesses for Dawson

August 13, 2003

Albany-- It's a new business boom for one Southwest Georgia city.

Store owner Canda Davis says, "This is something I always wanted to do and here I am."

Four new shops opened today in Dawson. A bakery, beauty shop, alterations store and florist are open on the same block of South Main Street in Dawson.

For most of a decade, the stores sat empty. Now, the street is bustling with activity.

A new sidewalk for the two-hundred block of South Main, and a new business as well. Davis says, "It has always been a lifetime dream of mine, since I was a little girl to own something of my own."

Canda Davis is the owner of Davis Alterations. Her shop is brand new and her neighbors are new to the block as well.

"It's a blessing, that's the reason why I named it Blessed Beginnings." Dawn Jones is the stylist at Blessed Beginnings beauty shop.

She says her clients love seeing this block of South Main busy once again, "It makes them think about the old days how this area is filled up, it brings back memories."

These new business owners are trying to make new memories, Davis says, "I put in a lot of time, effort and hard work, it will work." They are also trying to make there new businesses succeed.

More than fifteen years ago, that block of South Main was populated mostly with bars and restaurants. Since then, only two businesses have remained steadily open.

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