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Prize car leaves winner walking

Crystal Riddle Crystal Riddle

August 13, 2003

Valdosta - Crystal Riddle went through a lot to win her car. "We had to sit in there for two weeks, depend on people to bring us food, it was hot and it stunk," said Riddle.

When she was announced the winner, she couldn't have been happier. But her prize wasn't what she expected. "I've only driven it five times since I got it," said Riddle.

Crystal's car has been in and out of the shop since she drove it off the lot back in June. "Its had to have a new battery, the dash lights went out, I got pulled over once because they headlights went out," said Riddle. "Just recently, the tire split while I was driving down the road with my young son."

Crystal won the car through a contest sponsored by Hot 102.7 and Kirill Kia. Kirill says they'll continue to fix her car at no charge to her until the problems are solved. Even though she signed a document saying she took the car "as is," she still feels cheated. "I lost a lot," said Riddle. "I feel like they got all this publicity, and I'm the one paying for it."

Now her garage is empty, and she's depending on friends and family for rides. "I had a 1993 car, but I sold it when I got this car, and now I have nothing," said Riddle. "My old car would've worked a lot easier than the one I won."

Crystal's car is in the shop now for a split tire and damaged hood latch. She doesn't know how long it will take to be fixed, but hopes this is its last visit.

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