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Argument leads brutal stabbing

August 12, 2003

Doughtery County- Police say 59 year old Larry Giese and his wife, Karel, were arguing when Larry Giese stabbed his wife in the neck, face, side, and body with scissors and a box cutter.

Their daughter-in-law was in the house, along with their 11-month-old granddaughter, when the fight erupted. After failed attempts to pull Giese off of his wife, she ran next door to get help.

"She banged on the door and told me her mother was getting stabbed by her father with a box cutter and I went over there to see what was going on until the police got there," says Ronald Lundy. "I really couldn't see anything in the house, I didn't hear anything going on," he adds.

Giese is charged with aggravated assault and felony obstruction of a police officer.

Police have responded to two prior domestic violence calls at the residence. Larry Giese was arrested back in 1996 and charged with battery. The second call was made on July 7th, no charges were made in that incident.

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