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Hotel shooting suspect arrested

August 12, 2003

Mitchell County - A shooting suspect is arrested after police chase him from Pelham to Cairo. The man may be linked to Monday night's hotel shooting in Camilla where a man was shot at least five times.

A hotel quickly turned into a crime scene. Hotel General Manager, Gene Huffmaster, says, "This does not happen often and we are more careful now than we were before because of this happening."

Thirty-year-old Kenneth Cooper of Pelham was found bloody and banging on hotel doors. He was shot at least four times in the back and once in the head behind Courtland Club Hotel and Suites in Camilla. Huffmaster adds, "No he was not staying here. We only had a few people on the premises last night."

Cooper escaped from the shooters and walked around half of the hotel building leaving a long trail of blood. She says, "I'm not for sure, but I understand he helped himself get on the stretcher."

The suspect helped investigators. He was captured in Cairo along with a bag with a bloody pistol inside. Police will not release his name because charges have not been filed.

Investigators spotted the suspect in an SUV in Pelham. He was chased to Cairo where stop sticks were used to stop him. He's being held in the Mitchell County Jail.

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