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More VA clinics for Georgia?

August 12, 2003

Albany-- More veterans are retiring to the Southeast, and Georgia's VA health services are being maxed out. [

A nationwide review of veteran's hospitals found those in the Southeast are at or near capacity. More veterans are retiring to the warm climate in the South.

Senator Saxby Chambliss says federal dollars needs to move South as well, "We are seeing a decrease of population at veteran's hospitals in the Northeast but an increase in the treatment and pressure being put on facilities in the Southeast so it's incumbent that we continue to look at this and if we need to spend more money in the Southeast than that's best where we can spend those dollars."

Senator Chambliss will tour the VA hospital in Dekalb County tomorrow, one of the largest in the state. Chambliss says Georgia's VA hospitals will not be realigned, instead more clinics could be built.

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