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Moody's Civil Engineering changes command

August 12, 2003

Lowndes County - Lieutenant Colonel David Carlon assumed command of the 347th Civil Engineering Squadron and was welcomed back to Moody Air Force Base Tuesday. "It's really a dream come true and the highlight of one's military career," said Carlon.

His job will be to lead one of Moody's most premier units. The Civil Engineering Squadron plays a vital part in U.S. defense. "We go into deployment areas and help restore things such as water and electricity after war time," said Carlon.

A large part of this squadron just returned from the Middle East. Lt. Col. Carlon's job is to make sure they're always ready to go. "Going into a deployment environment can be very physically and mentally stressful," said Carlon. "My job is to make sure they're prepared for everything."

And he's a leader with experience. Ten years ago, Carlon was stationed here as a lieutenant with the unit he's now leading. "It's really unique to get the opportunity to command, but to come back to a base where you served is an especially unique experience," said Carlon.

Carlon says of all the places he's been stationed, Moody is the most elite and supportive base. He's looking forward leading the nation's top civil engineering squadron.

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