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Pit bull mauls young boy, but most dogs could bite

August 11, 2003

Albany- Many people would probably be afraid of Cracker. Mostly because he's a pit bull. But veterinarian Ira Roth says any dog can bite you.

"We've probably had more problems with aggressive tendencies of cocker spaniels than we do with the traditionally aggressive breeds," Roth said.

Pit Bulls are a breed people fear because of incidents like the one Sunday with Brooklyn, a three-year-old pit bull. She mauled four-year-old Tyrone Powell at a house on West Second Avenue. The owner says Tyrone was antagonizing the dog.

"Well, by him pulling on her rough like and hitting her, that made her retaliate and bite him or whatever," said Derrick Daniel.

Brooklyn was on a chain while Daniel was building a pen to hold his dogs. That's when the attacked happened.All dogs, though, are protective of their territory.

"A child should always, and an individual should, always respect the space and privacy of a dog," Roth said.

All four of Daniel's dogs were impounded, and are being observed at the Albany Humane Society. Daniel's was cited for not having current rabies vaccination license for the dogs.

"If I get them back I think I'll give them to him. I don't think I even want any more dogs," he said.

Still, experts say the disposition of the dog often depends on the owner. And dogs like Cracker can make good pets.

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