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Tragedy strikes SWGA school

August 11, 2003

Colquitt County - When Colquitt County High students returned to school they were faced with the tragic loss of two fellow students. A rising senior and a former student were killed in car wrecks in the last two weeks. A soon-to-be football star may not play because of injuries.

Colquitt County High School Running Back, Kenny Green, Junior was expected to move up the football field this year. Coach Mike Singletary, says, "We were looking for a lot of big things. It was going to be Kenny's time to start for us this year."

Kenny and his 14-year-old brother, Calvin Suggs, were in a car accident last Monday. Both survived, but Suggs is in critical condition. Not only are students worried about Green and Suggs condition, the passenger Alphonzo Knighton, Junior, a former Colquitt County High School student died. Singletary adds, "Anytime there's a young fatality at our high school. We have to address it."

Guidance Counselor, Jim Herschell, has dealt with a lot of tragedy in 2003. Herschell says, "Their interest seems to focus on the immediate loss, the shock and the helplessness."

Earlier this year, tenth grader Chase Palmer and a former student Mandy Jill Morris died on this sharp curve on Mill Pond Road in two separate car crashes. Two weeks ago, rising senior Kimberly Darlene Lamb died. Knighton was next. All one car accidents.

Due to injuries, Green is not expected to play football this year. Singletary says, "I don't have any expectations for him returning to us this year, of course we don't ever count out miracles."

Counselors are talking with deputies to start a safe driving program to avoid more students from running off the road.

Green was transferred from Archbold Memorial Hospital in Thomasville to Piedmont Hospital on Sunday. Officials would not release his condition.

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