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Getting South Georgians back in the air

August 11, 2003

Albany - Pay the high price for plane tickets, but complain about it. That's what Southwest Georgia Regional Airport officials are asking passengers to do. "If you complain to Delta long enough, they'll bring down the cost. But, people must be willing to fly," said Barry Taylor, Aviation Commission Chairman.

40,000 fewer people flew out of the Southwest Georgia Regional Airport last year than each year in the late 1980's. And, airport officials say the cost of tickets will remain high until people start flying again.

Next month, aviation commissioners will travel to surrounding counties encouraging civic leaders and citizens to fly out of Albany instead of Atlanta or Tallahassee, where flights are usually cheaper. Commissioners say the ticket prices will only go down if the number of passengers goes up, spurring more flights each day.

"I know the prices are high, but I just asked people to continue flying. If we can fill every flight Delta will lower the prices and maybe other airlines will come to town," said Taylor.

The Airport commission also asked Delta to add direct flights to Cincinnati - the headquarters of Proctor and Gamble. P&G is a major user of the airport , but there are no definite plans to add those flights.

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