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Pit bull mauls child

"Brooklyn" "Brooklyn"
Brooklyn's owner, Derrick Daniel Brooklyn's owner, Derrick Daniel

August 11, 2003

 Albany-- Four year old Tyrone Powell suffered severe facial injuries when he was mauled by the dog Sunday morning. There were concerns that the young boy could lose an eye, but reconstructive plastic surgery has saved it.

Derrick Daniel was building a pen to hold his dogs, when the attack occurred. “Been feeling kind of bad about it since it happened,” he said Monday.

The four year old boy and his legal guardian live with Daniel at his home on West Second Avenue. The three year old pit bull named Brooklyn was chained while eight children played in the yard.

Daniel said Brooklyn often played with the children, but Tyrone was pulling and poking the dog when it attacked him. "She has always been around kids, playing with them. If I thought she would bite kids, I wouldn't have had her out here."

What do you think made the dog turn on him? "Well, by him pulling on her rough like and hitting her, that made her retaliate and bite him or whatever," Daniel said.

Tyrone Powell underwent surgery in Augusta, and is expected home Tuesday. All four of Daniels' dogs were impounded, and are being observed at the Albany Humane Society.

Daniels was cited for not having current rabies vaccination license for the dogs. He says if the dogs are returned to him, he will give them away.

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