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Albany teacher inspires young author

Sarah Hoots Sarah Hoots
6th grade teacher, Linda Parton 6th grade teacher, Linda Parton

August 11, 2003

Albany-- An Albany middle school student is a published author. And her muse happens to be her sixth grade teacher.

Sarah Hoots reads, "Mrs. Parton made helped me realize that I'm a lot smarter than I ever gave myself credit for."

That's a line from "Confidence", a book 7th grader Sarah Hoots wrote for her 6th grade teacher, Linda Parton, "Sarah was very quiet, she was in my homeroom and very seemed to be a little withdrawn."

But not anymore-- Sarah's book recounts her success as a sixth grader at Merry Acre's Middle School. Sarah reads, "When I made a 100 on my nine weeks exam she was very happy for me. She knew I could do it."

But it wasn't always this way for Sarah, "I was told that they wanted to hold me back and repeat the fifth grade again." Now Sarah is a star student, but it took a teacher like Mrs. Parton to give her confidence a boost.

Sarah says, "I've never really had a teacher that I could bond so strongly and so well with that we just got along."

Mrs. Parton flips open the book and reads, "Dedicated to Mrs. Parton, the teacher who gave me confidence." A gift that inspired a book, and more importantly, a student.

Just a few copies of the book were made for family and friends. Of course, Mrs. Parton has a signed copy, and she says it will have a special place in her library at home.

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