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President Holmes gives State of ASU address

August 11, 2003

Albany- Budgeting will become a juggling act for Georgia colleges as they face another year of state budget cuts. It may be one of the biggest hurdles for historically Black colleges and universities, like Albany State University.

"HBCU's and Albany State have been used to doing more with less. So, we're going to have to do some serious budget cutting and I'm asking our faculty to talk about where they think it needs to come," explains President Shields.

Still, President Holmes and other colleagues charged faculty and staff to provide a quality service to students.

"Even though things are not what they should be, they are better than what they could be. We must be fully engaged in the protection of this institution, it's mission and its future for the next 100 years," says Dr. Michael Orok.

Dozens of department heads are already showing signs of their commitment to survive budget cuts. Hundreds of thousands of dollars in grant money have already been secured for the school, including a one million dollar federal grant for sciences and engineering.

While budget may be the word buzzing in everyone's ear...

"I'd like you to give your encouragement and support to these dynamic, powerful, young men," Shields says.

... Holmes asked faculty and staff to support ASU football players as they enter a season with the death of teammate Jackie Blanding fresh on their minds.

As the team is hoping to overcome their challenge, Holmes is hoping to successfully juggle budget set backs and a quality education for students.

President Shields says ASU will also focus on improving test scores, retention numbers and graduation rates for the up-coming year.

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