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August 10, 2003

Athens, Ga.--"Young but talented," that's how University of Georgia head football coach Mark Richt describes his defensive line this year. Richt is hoping that talent will overshadow the youth and at the same time fill in a big hole left by Jonathan Sullivan, who bolted early last year for the NFL.

|Much of the load will be shouldered by senior Ken Veal and junior David Pollack, but they'll obviously need some help.

That's where the youngsters come in.

Sophomore's Kedric Golston and Gerald Anderson will give Veal some much needed rest at the nose guard position, while sophomores Darrius Swain and Darrell Holmes and redshirt freshmen Ray Gant and Dale Dixson should fill in the tackle positions.

On the outside, Juniors Will Thompson and Robert Geathers provide a nice compliment to Pollack, the reigning SEC player of the year.

But after just the first week of practice, the defensive line is already looking thin. Veal is nursing a sprained ankle, Gant and Dixson are being held out of practice until tomorrow with concussions and coach Rodney Gardner is unhappy with the condition that Swain reported to camp in. Nonetheless, the Bulldogs believe this year's line could be just as good if not better than last years.

"Well, I think we got a good chance to be just as good or even better than we were last year. We've got these young guys that produced a lot last year, and they're coming in with experience up under their belt, so I think they're coming in knowing what we expect and what all we want and plus hopefully I'll give them guidance and leadership," Veal said.

"We got a lot of young guys that are talented and they got a lot of playing time behind everybody last year too. You know we'll see how it shapes up, you can't predict how one things going to go one way or another, but we're gonna work hard I know that," Pollack said.

The Bulldogs defensive line suffered another setback Friday when freshman Aaron Scranton left the team for the second time in as many years. Georgia of course opens up the season on August the 30th at Clemson. Kickoff is set for 12 noon.

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