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Baconton family tries to save home

August 10, 2003

Baconton - A Home owners nightmare...It all started when the Olmstead's of Baconton, noticed a crack in their lawn on Thursday. Just three days later they are struggling to save their home.

From the front of the house, everything looks fine, but if you look at what used to be the back yard, you realize Karen Olmstead has a big problem on her hands. Her yard is sinking.

"Nothing, nothing, nothing like it," says Olmstead. "We've seen a little bit of dirt fall here and there, but nothing like this."

The recent rain storms have weighed down what used to be the river bank in Karen's back yard. On Thursday morning the bank began to sink, but Karen had no idea that her entire home was at risk.

Roommate Kenny Yant says all they want is for someone to tell them what steps they can take in order to save the home.

"Nobody could tell us anything," says Yant. "We couldn't get anybody out here to look at it, we just feel like we're at a dead end, we don't know what to do anymore."

But what can be done? The Engineer Corps says they can secure the shoreline, but that could cost Karen up to $70,000, more money than she even owes on the home.

Olmstead says, "I don't know what next steps to take. I know I don't have the money to do what needs to be done here. It will probably cost more than what my house is worth. And no matter what, I still have to pay for it."

But for now, Karen hopes that the rain will hold off, and her home will hold on.

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