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Flood victims clean up

August 9, 2003

Baconton - Pumps remove just enough water from the yard for the people who live there to walk to the front door, rather than paddle to it, but it's still not easy.

"I don't know what to say," says homeowner Gloria Haywood. "I mean it's just so inconvenient, not being able to get in and get out, to do what I need to do and get what I need to get. I can't do anything."

But today is better than yesterday. The Red Cross has donated water pumps, and neighbors are bringing by food and clean water for the family and those who have volunteer to run the pumps."

Gloria appreciates those who are helping out, and says if she saw someone in need she would lend a hand also. She says, "I would just offer whatever assistance I could, whatever they needed: money, food, help, whatever."

And with the assistance from others and a break in the rain from Mother Nature, Gloria hopes her home will soon be back to normal.

Gasoline and diesel fuel are needed to run the pumps. To donate those items, or another pump, contact the red cross.

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