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Gold Wingers cruise through South Georgia

August 9, 2003

Dougherty County- You may have seen some Gold Wing motorcycles around town, but chances are you didn't hear them coming.

Gold Wings are one of the quietest, most luxurious motorcycles around.

"The average cost of a Gold Wing is about $15,000 to $20,000 depending on the amenities that you want to put on it," admits Jim Jackson, Region A Recruiter for the group.

There are plenty bells and whistles on these bikes.

"We have an air compressor on the bike, so if you don't like the way its riding you can add a little air in there and make it ride better. Of course we have vents and heaters to warm your feet a little bit in the winter time. We have cruise control just like a car," says Glenn Kingery, Georgia District Director.

Some even have cassette and CD players which are surprisingly louder than the engines. Gold Wingers say their motorcycles are investments that more than pay for themselves.

"This bike is a 94 and it's coming up on 100,000 miles, and it's probably got another 2 or 3 hundred thousand left in it," claims Alabama District Director, Ray Erickson.

The average Gold Winger is about 50 years old, and for these motorcycles enthusiasts safety is a must.

"At every chapter meeting safety is talked about, so it is something that is all the time on our minds and we promote it every day," adds Jackson.

Safety is something that protects not only the riders, but also their Gold Wings, what some call the Caddy of all motorcycles.

Gold Wingers had a chance to meet and greet each riders from Georgia, Florida and Alabama, as well as play games during Fun Day. All the proceeds from the Albany chapter event will go to Open Arms.

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