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Volunteers need more equipment

August 8, 2003

 Baconton- The homes are on Georgia Highway 3 and two homes on Triangle Road in Baconton.

Volunteers have been working all week to drain the water from these yards. Irrigation pumps were borrowed from the Doerun Volunteer Fire Department and Yancy Brothers in Albany.

But the volunteers hope more of you can help. If they would just bring a pump out here, we'll show them where to put it and pump this water off these people's houses where they can get back home," said Tom Gossett, a Red Cross volunteer.

Tom Gossestt says if they can get three or four more pumps, they could have all the water drained by the end of the weekend.

 Some people who live off the closed section of Georgia Highway 3 are angry. They say the barricaded road is keeping them from their houses.

They want the water to drain slower so they can travel the road without having to take a long route to their homes. They say they're getting the run-around from county commissioners, the sheriff's department, and public works.

"It's not right for me to have to go to Baconton 10 miles out of my way just to get home. I gotta cross water coming from Baconton to get to my house," said resident Carrie Lee.

There were not any Mitchell County officials on site tonight to answer questions about the barricades.

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