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Young turkey hunter makes history

Keenan Adams Keenan Adams

August 8, 2003

Bainbridge -- Most kids at the age of ten are playing sports or video games, but one Bainbridge kid spends his extra time in the woods. The young hunter has earned a world title in Turkey Hunting. This story goes to show practice does make perfect.

Ten-year-old Keenan Adams found his calling at an early age. He says, "Turkey Hunting."

Behind shrubbery at Southwind Plantation in Decatur County, the young hunter waits for his next prize. He adds, "So the turkey won't see you, they have good eyesight."So does Keenan. He has collected all six species of wild turkeys in the world. He points at a mounted turkey and says, "Here's the Occellated, it was the last one I harvested in the Yucatan Peninsula."

He's the youngest person to get a World Slam in Turkey Hunting. He laughs, "I think that's amazing."

Keenan started going on hunting trips with his dad and uncle when he was three. He shot his first turkey only two years later. His uncle, ZA Adams, says, "He was so small he would have to drag the turkey to the vehicle. He's right there with us, if we go, he wants to go."

For a kid whose gun is just as big as he is, Keenan is well aware of gun safety. When asked if he ever gets bored waiting in the woods, he smiles and says, "No, I always listen to birds chirping or something." Unlike most kids his age he spends a lot of his time learning about nature too.

Keenan needs only two more turkeys in order to earn a 2nd and 3rd World Slam. After that, he may trade in the gun for a bow and arrow to try for a 4th World Slam.

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