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Serial rape suspect indicted

August 8, 2003

Albany -- An Albany man, described as a serial rapist, is indicted for raping seven women. Forty-year-old Calvin Davis was denied bond because of the seriousness of the charges.

Prosecutors say that Davis kidnapped and raped seven women he met on the streets of Albany from January 2000 through July 2002 with five of the attacks happening in June and July 2002. Several of the women did not immediately report the attacks to Police, but have come forward now.

 Assistant Chief District Attorney Greg Edwards said "Actually there is really no common tie, besides the victims are all women. They are indiscriminate in terms of both race, the ages range from the mid-20's to the oldest victim, I believe was in her mid-50's."

Calvin Davis was tried and acquitted for rape in 1990 in Dougherty County. He plead guilty to an aggravated stalking charge in 1997.

Davis is expected to be tried on thirty-one counts of sexual assault crimes in November.

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