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Adel home invasion

August 8, 2003

by Armen Jeknavorian

Adel -- An early morning home invasion turned out to be a search for drugs and money.

Four masked men kicked in the back door of 304 Birch Street and tied up fifty-year-old Josie Stumer and her eleven year old granddaughter. They held Mrs. Stumer the hallway and told the child to stay in bed. They were armed with handguns and a rifle.

They demanded to know where the drugs and money were kept. The victims repeatedly said they did not know where any drugs were located.

The intruders ransacked the house, kicking in doors, breaking light fixtures and ripped heating vents from the wall. After fifteen minutes, they gave up the search and left.

Investigators said this was not a typical home invasion. No one has been arrested.

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