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Food for Thought

August 8, 2003

Here is the weekly scorecard of Albany area restaurants from the Dougherty County Health Department. 


A & W All American

Blue Moon Yogurt Co.
Burger King

China Cafe


Henry's Fine Edible's

House of China II

Huddle House

Jean’s Country Diner

Kentucky Fried Chicken

2601 Dawson Rd. C-14     70     A

2601 Dawson Rd. C-16     96     None

2007 E. Qglethorpe          93     None

2601 Dawson Rd.             65     B

2231-I Dawson Rd            93     B

25l6-L Dawson Rd.           82     None

2526-A Dawson Rd.          86     None

303 E. Oakridge Dr           78     B

2317 E. Broad                   96     None

2727 Dawson Rd.              76     None

2103 E. Broad                   98     None


Key to Violations:

A. Employee hygiene matters

B. Temperature control of foods or food sources

C. Facility/Equipment problems

D. Storage of cleaning products/toxic materials

E. Food handling Technique

(All major discrepancies are corrected before the health inspector leaves the premises.)


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