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Some colleges have defibrillators for emergencies

August 7, 2003

Albany- Apparently, none of Jackie Blanding's teammates knew CPR.

When the ambulance arrived, they were helplessly waiting with Blanding unconscious and not breathing in the bed of a pickup truck.

Early CPR can mean the difference in life and death in these situations. And so can this machine. It's an automated external defibrillator. If a person goes into cardiac arrest, the defibrillator will tell you if they need to be shocked.

More college athletic departments are getting these defibrillators. The University of Georgia and Darton College have them and emergency workers say the AED's save lives.

"They may be off in a field, especially in athletics, a lot of times they don't have access to a phone, so there's often a delay there," said Dougherty County EMS Director, Bobby Tripp.

We don't know if Albany State has one. They won't talk to us. The defibrillators cost about 25-hundred dollars.

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