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Education Chief visits South Georgia

Kathy Cox Kathy Cox

August 7, 2003

Albany -- Less than 48 hours after a disturbing report card was issued for Georgia, State Superintendent Kathy Cox, decided to take a look at some programs that are working to improve the schools in Dougherty County.

"It's our road map, and so I'm encouraged." Said Cox. "I'm encouraged by the number of schools that didn't make AYP last year but made it this year, I'm encouraged by the growth we're seeing in our school systems, and yes, we've got a lot of work to do, but we knew that."

Ten Dougherty County schools originally did not meet Adequate Yearly Performance. But two of those schools, Martin Luther King, Jr. and Turner elementary schools, were given a passing grade on Thursday morning when discrepancies were found in the reports.

Danna Turner teaches the 180 reading program at Dougherty Middle School, a school that did not meet AYP, but is working to meet those standards next year.

Danna says, "We've really gotten our school in shape as far as disciple, because if you don't have a disciplined environment, learning just doesn't come."

Superintendent Cox says Georgia has a lot of learning to do, but believes schools can make the grade.

"We've been trying to reform for a long time in Georgia," says Cox, "And I think now we're going to get it right because we have the data we need to get the resources in place for our kids."

And if the resources are in place, perhaps next year, all Dougherty County schools will have improved.

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