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Safe driving in rainy conditions

August 7, 2003

Sumter County -- Because of all this rain and slippery roads, it's important to wear your seatbelts.

 It only takes a second to hydroplane or skid off a wet road and having on your seatbelt can mean the difference in minor and serious injuries.

Sgt. Tony Bobbitt of the Sumter County Sheriff's Department said "Our tires are not the kind of traction they should, like they do on the dry pavement. A lot of collection of water on the roadway, and if you hit it just right it will cause you to hydroplane or cause your steering to jerk and you are going to lose control. That is a big conduit of traffic crashes, especially in the last couple of weeks with all the water on the roadway."

Never drive through standing water on a roadway. Sgt. Bobbitt says there have been two cases of roadways washing out in Sumter County this summer.

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