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Clerks attend alcohol training seminar

August 7, 2003

Albany -- Too many store clerks are selling alcohol to underaged customers. Just last week four Albany stores lost their alcohol licenses because of it.

But rather than just punish them, the city wants to educate clerks about responsibly selling alcohol.

About 50 store owners, managers, and clerks take part in the Underage Drinking Law Coalition Training session. Lesson number one: "May I see your I.D. Card Please?"

Police want the clerks to understand the law. Greg Dixon of the Georgia Department of Revenue Greg Dixon said "Bottom line, if they can't give you an I.D., or if you think it's not real or you think somethings wrong, don't sell it to them. You are not going to hurt yourself or hurt the store. If you do sell, and they are underage, it could be a lot worse."

The undercover checks of Albany's stores and bars have raised awareness about underage sales. Now it's just a matter of the clerks checking I.D.'s before every purchase.

Tracy King, the Grant Coordinator for the Underage Drinking Coalition said "I don't believe there is any malicious intent in this on anybody's part. I think it's not being aware, being uneducated, and taking things for granted. I think everybody wants to be a part in stopping this."

City officials promised more undercover checks in the future, to make sure alcohol sales to underage buyers is stopped.

The Coalition wants Beverage Handler Cards to be given to everyone in the County that will be selling or serving alcohol.

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