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Dougherty Superintendent reacts to list

August 6, 2003

Albany - Ten Dougherty County schools are on the state of Georgia's Needs Improvement list.

"It's unfortunate that in one respect that in spite of all the progress we've made that these schools would be placed on a needs improvement list," said Dougherty County Superintendent Sally Whatley.

Based on the No Child Left Behind Act, Georgia evaluates schools yearly in order to ensure that all students will meet state standards by the year 2014.

Almost half of all schools within the Dougherty County School system are on the needs improvement list , but Dr. Whatley says this list is not an indication of the quality of education within the Dougherty County School system.

"It's critical," says Dr. Whatley, "that you are never satisfied. You always want to move your system and your schools to a higher level because that's what the children deserve, but we have to have community and parent support in order to meet this standard."

Dr. Whatley says parents should find out exactly why their child's school was placed on the list before removing them from the school.

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