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Marijuana, moonshine mills busted

August 6, 2003

Written by Armen Jeknavorian

Statenville - Marijuana and moonshine operations are discovered in Echols County. The pot crop had a street value of more than $100,000.

The contraband was found by the Governor's Task Force helicopter patrol. Once the marijuana field was found, Echols County deputies and agents with the GBI and South Georgia Drug Task Force went in on foot to confiscate the plants.

That was when they came across two moonshine stills. One still contained an estimated five hundred gallons of mash. They blew up the stills and burned the marijuana.

"Basically it makes Echols County a better place to live. If we can get rid of the drugs around here, it will make it a better place for everybody," said Randy Courson.

The Governor's Task Force flies over Echols County several times a year.

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