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Trench Warfare museum display

August 6, 2003

Albany -- A display of unique World War One and World War Two art opens Thursday at the Thronateeska Heritage Center in Albany. Examples of "Trench Art" are on display.

Soldiers, prisoners of war, and civilians took artillery shells and bullets, and turned them into elaborate art work. They took the wastes of war, and made them into vases, ashtrays, lamps, salt and pepper shakers, even models of airplanes.

The War Department handed out manuals during World War Two encouraging trench art, with instructions on how to make the ornate details. Museum Curator Christopher Pike said "Most of the pieces portray what went on during that time. Emotions that they were feeling. Maybe if they lost a friend during the war, they would portray that on the shells. You can see in the art work what was going on at that time."

The Trench Art display opens to the public Thursday at the Thronateeska Heritage Center. They are open Thursday, Friday, and Saturday from noon to 4 PM.

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