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National Night Out seeks to fight crime

August 5, 2003

Albany- Pam King is still new to the neighborhood on West Society Avenue, so she brought her son Justin to National Night Out to meet their neighbors.

"I'm the new person on the block, so to integrate with the kids and stuff," King said.

But in the process, Pam was helping fight crime. National Night Out is a campaign to get people out of their houses and into the streets to enjoy a little food and a little music.

More importantly, to let criminals know they're not wanted in these neighborhoods. This may not seem like hard crime fighting, but what it's about is neighbors getting to know neighbors, and in the end, having a good time.

"They really need people to come together and start talking to each other so we can help one another," King said.

And though, at times, it may seem more like a block party law enforcement says it seems to work.

"You get a chance to interact with the community and bring different communities together," Cpl. Terron Hayes with Albany Police Department.

It lets everyone know these people care about their community.

"It's like a role model," King said. "And they can do that for their children."

So kids like Justin will always value their neighborhood and the people they share it with.

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