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Flood waters not budging much

August 5, 2003

Mitchell County - Flood waters are up and down in Mitchell County. Gloria Haywood says, "Trying to prevent it getting in the house."As people pump water out of their yards the rain comes back.

Flood victims are optimistic until it starts raining again. They also say they are not getting much help. One man points his finger at a farmer saying he's the reason his house is flooding. The farmer blames nature and clogged up culverts.

As rain continues to fall, tension gets higher. Leon Haywood's home is surrounded by water. David Collins has crops that are drowning. Haywood claims Collins is pushing water his way. Mr. Haywood says, "They [farmers] are cutting the ridges for the water to flow. They are making the water push and go in different directions."

Collins disagrees. He says, "It would not flow that way if it would naturally flow that way. There's no pumps in here. The water is flowing by gravity."

They both agree it's a problem with ditches. Collins adds, "There is a culvert down there under that water. If that culvert had been maintained this water would have moved through at an even flow." Haywood agrees, "Over in my area the drainage system is bad."

It seems to be a case of survival of the fittest. Haywood is pumping water across Old Georgia 3 with pumps he rented for $44 a day. Collins says he has lost more than $50,000 worth of cotton and peanuts.

Mitchell County Public Works officials say they have not received any complaints about clogged culverts in the Flint Community area. They added they don't dig ditches on highways, but they do mow the grass.

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