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Cuthbert man drowns in pool

Susan and Jerry Braswell on their wedding day Susan and Jerry Braswell on their wedding day
Jerry Braswell Jerry Braswell
Susan Braswell Susan Braswell

August 5, 2003

Albany - A South Georgia man drowns in his swimming pool. Forty-seven-year-old Jerry Braswell was cleaning his pool Sunday night. His wife, Susan, went to visit a friend and when she came home about an hour later, she found his body floating in the pool.

She immediately called police, but as it was too late to save his life.

Susan and Jerry Braswell were still newly weds. They married on February 15th, 2003. "He loved to make people happy-- especially me," said Susan about her husband.

Sunday night, the two came home from a weekend at Wild Adventures to celebrate Susan's birthday. Jerry decided to clean leaves out of the pool, and Susan went to visit a friend. When she came home, she didn't see him by the pool and went into the house. "I came in the house through back door and called for him, but the didn't answer."

So she went looking for him in his workshop and then in his garden. She spotted his body floating in the deep in of their in ground pool. "I jumped in immediately, pulled him to the shallow end, and put him on the steps. I was screaming for help."

She called 911 and ran next door to get a neighbor who was an EMT. "My neighbor did CPR and an ambulance came a minute or two later."

Jerry was rushed to the hospital, but didn't survive. "The doctor came out and said they couldn't revive him. That was the hardest thing I've ever heard. I loved him do much."

The GBI ruled his death an accidental drowning. Jerry wasn't a very good swimmer. "He didn't know how to tread water, but he could swim some. He didn't normally go in the deep end of the pool, when I wasn't there."

There were no apparent signs of foul play, and unfortunately Susan and her family may never know exactly why Jerry drowned. "He'll be missed by everyone," said Susan.

Funeral service for Jerry Braswell will be held on Saturday August 9th. The same date Susan's parents died in a car accident about 30 year ago.

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